Your Personal Angel



We are all assigned a Personal Angel to guide and protect us
One we may never see, but always makes her presence known
Your Angel, your own, your constant companion by your side
As we make the journey through this life we are never truly alone

If your way seems long and dark and you fear there's no end
And in despair you think you will never see the light of day
Your Angel will know just when to step in and offer her help
She'll turn her halo on high beam to help you find your own way

When your feeling lonesome or sad with no reason to smile
And you just chuckle out loud at what seems no reason you know
Your Angel just smiles to herself quietly beside you knowingly
Cause she just made a little feather tickle on your nose

If your shoulders have stooped and your legs grown weak
And life's hardships and toil have caused you to fall to your knees
Your Angel will draw upon her heavenly strength and lift you up
And hold you up till you can stand up on your own two feet

If your heart is heavy with burdens you think you can not bear
And the teardrops are flowing like rain drops from your eyes
Your Angel will ease your heartache and your burdens share
Then gently fan you with her wings till all your tears are dry

If your faith and trust in love has been shattered by many
And fears of giving of yourself have built within your soul a wall
Your Angel will hold the key for you, and shelter you in her own love
Till the time is right again for you to open your heart to all

When your last breath is drawn and a new journey to begin
And it's time to say good bye here and end this life's story
Your Angel will sing her sweetest song then spread her wings and
Fly ahead, to give you a personal escort into the gates of Glory

An Angel Original
© Copyright 2004 Paula Scola

An Angel-Midi-The Kelley Family

All rights reserved "Simply Angel" 2003-2004