Welcome Heartache

Welcome back heartache, where've you been
I've missed you my faithful old friend.

Been so used to having you round'
Thought you'd up and let me down.

Thought someone had taken your place
Actually had a smile upon my face.

Ah, but loves they come and end
But on you I can depend.

I knew you'd come round' when I needed you
No need to call, just show up, you always do.

My heart is empty once again
You know it well so move on in.

Spacious and dark just like you left it
Cold and bitter provided and plenty of it.

Feel free to settle in for a while
Break it up to suit your style.

Your bags are heavy, I guess your stayin'
Lock the door behind you, welcome back my friend.

An Angel Original
Copyright 2006 Paula Scola

Midi-Everytime You Go Away