The Way They Were

The way they were, those two proud towers
standing close to Lady Liberty, so majestic and tall
before a mad man's hate of freedom
sent his hatred airborne and made them crumble and fall.

They could not stand the force of evil
upon them that shook the earth that day
with thunderous moans they heaved for the innocent souls inside
and broken hearted Americans hit their knees to pray.

Their grace and beauty gone forever
in a pile of steel, ash and rock
lives of thousands taken in only moments
as America watched in horror and in shock.

The way they were, those proud Americans
rose again in unity, with blood, sweat and tears, they took the call
hand in hand they formed a healing team
saddened and shaken but still standing tall.

An Angel Orginal
© Copyright 2003 Paula Scola
All Rights Reserved