The Carousel

Today was yesterday as we two old friends helped
Each other up on two of the biggest ponies on the carousel
That had been part of our youth, now only faded dreams remained
Of school picnics in the park we all loved and knew so well

Fire had taken our beloved park and all it's
Wondrous thrills leaving nothing in the flame's dance
But the memory of our childhood screams of delight
And the beautiful carousel spared by chance

Loving hands pulled this timeless treasure from it's pending doom
Piece by piece they toiled and in time the worn old relic shone
Lights, music and mirrors in all it's original glory, better than new again
Ponies prancing proudly, safely sheltered now inside it's new home

And now as the room spins round and round the memories waken
Children's laughter fills the air once more as back in time
We go to those simpler days when our joys and thrills came easy
And the loudest laughter in this museum today is yours and mine

Today was yesterday as my pony stayed way up high
When the ride was over just like it always did when we were kids
Can't just hop off like we used to could, nobody's looking at us funny really
The old ones in the chariots wishing they had the nerve to do what we just did

An Angel Original
©Paula Scola 2004

Our Visit To The Carousel

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