Today 9-21-09 I lost my precious fur angel, my best friend. He was 9 years old. T.C. I will love you and miss you forever. Be a good boy and you will always be The Cat. Love Meowmy

Rainbow Bridge

Kitty And Mouse

Meeo. The name's T.C. That's short for Trailer Cat. I tell everybody that's short for THE CAT. Who would name their kid T.C. anyhow? Hey, I'm bad. I admit it. I'm even a little psycho.

Meowmy dug me out of the bottom of a barrel at the kitty dump. You know where they dump off kittys nobody wants, when I was only six weeks old and brought me to live in her part time Trailer house. Said she needed a Trailer Kitty, cause she already had a kitty that lived in her real house.

Well my Meowmy and me now live by our selves in another Trailer house someplace else, so I get to keep my name. Did I mention I am a little psycho? I love my Meowmys feet, I could just lay on them and wash them all day, she loves that. But when my other self starts coming out and I get them feelings, like being scared or spooked or jealous of that new kid that comes around here now, I just can't help my self and I take a big hunk out of those feet, or leave some toe tracks all over them. You should see my Meowmy Mad, she looks funny jumping and hollering and she even got the bathroom plunger after me. Going around yaking about how she can't just show who's boss around here, or she will get some more teeth marks in those feet. Did I mention I am THE CAT? I love my Meowmy though and she has to love me or she would have put me back in the bottom of that barrel lots of times.

I'm an alright looking Kitty, maybe even beautiful. She sent that one picture of me just laying on the floor in to that contest, I won! I won! Well I should have, and they made me famous on the internet.

Meowmy has some pictures of me on here for you to look at, don't know how she chose these few, she has about a zillion books full of just me.

Hmm Nice Flowers
My Meowmy gave me a ladder
so I could reach her flowers
My Nap Time
Cat-napping on MY couch

What's For Dinner?
Fishing - Maybe someday
I'll catch one
I'm Going Home
Me - Home from the Kitty Dump

Where's The Kitty?
Puzzle - Can you find the kitty
in this picture?
I'm On Duty
Guard Cat

Am I a doll face or what?

Being precious for my Meowmy

In all my 22 lbs of handsome.



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