Why is mommy crying like that?
Why is daddy sad?
Why is daddy hitting her?
Did I make my daddy mad

As daddy leaves, mommy comes over to me,
She says that I'm the reason she got beat.
Mommy is crying as she lifts up her hand,
After she hits me, hard on the floor I land.

She isn't stopping she is coming at me again,
She says "I'll get you for what you did young man.
What did I do? What did I say?
Why does this happen to me every day?

Mommy goes to bed after she let her anger out,
Daddy is back and all he does is shout.
He sees me laying on the floor covered in my own blood,
I look up and ask him "Why?" , he kicks me and says "Just Because".

I start to cry, he yells at me to shut-up,
But for some reason my tears just don't stop.
He picks me up and locks
me in our closet in the hall.

I can hear them fighting again through our paper thin walls.
One of them will kill me I know this is a fact,
No matter how much I
love them I can never change that.

So last night in my room I wrote them a note,
I put it in the left pocket of my old coat.
One last question to them is all it says,
Mommy and Daddy: will you love me when I'm Dead.......

Lance Preston Burgess





All rights reserved "Simply Angel" 2003-2004