My Life Starts Today

As I look at the reflection
Staring back at me
I see this woman but I wonder....
Just who is she

Who is this person
I have seen everyday
Did I really get to know her
Or did time just slip away

Have I allowed her to really get out there and live
Or did I lock her up then throw away the key
Did I hide her in a room somewhere
And never got to know me

Is that a stranger looking back and wondering the same thing
Is she asking,"Why didn't you do more?
Why didn't you go ahead and take those chances?
That dream that was inside your heart why didn't you go and explore?"

Every single day
Is like a new start
You can repeat all the yesterdays over again
Or find something new inside your heart

Only a few times
Do you pass that brass ring
Then the time comes it's not there anymore
You've missed out on everything

Now I can go out there
To face a new task
Or..... I can just sit here
And hide behind the mask

Do I make a deal
With this person in the mirror right now
Do I tell her, I've got some time left
I have to change somehow

So if I see something out there that I really want
I am not going to look the other way
I'm going to reach out and grab that brass ring
Because the rest of my life starts Right Here...Right Now...Today

Copyright © 2003 Kathryn Sunday Davis

Thank You Kathryn For Your Permission
To Use Your Beautiful Poem

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