Angel Bear

My love affair with bears started about 15 years ago, with buying a couple to sit around to compliment the country decor in my home. Well let me tell you, bears are contagious, what started as a couple has now grown to over a hundred. I have since moved and I don't let all of them just sit around anywhere anymore. Now they have their very own room, my computer room.
Wunder what they be doing when I'm sleeping!

Computer Bear

Their precious faces and warmth has made working on my computer even more enjoyable. I can love any bear, but my favorites are the Boyds plush and they make up the majority of my collection. There are a few bear figurines here and there, some plates, a cookie jar or two, but you just can't hug em and love em like a real bear. Here are some of my hugs. Have You hugged your Teddy today?

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Kissing A BearMy Teddy is Special

My Teddy is special, He is happy and fine

He came from far away in your arms, into mine.

He said He loves me, and likes His new home

with lots of other Teddies, He'll never be alone.

He likes to sit up high and see all that He can see

I look up from my desk and catch Him watching me.

His little face is smiling His little eyes just glow

A little Teddy wink tells me my secrets He does know

An Angel Original

Wheelchair Bear

Hear Teddy Bear's Call

Shake It Baby
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