Mature Christians?

Just My Opinion:
Mature Christians? Same Church, Same Sunday.

Brother Tom walks into the same Church as usual, wife Sister Mary on his arm. Heads turn to admire the lovely couple as they enter. They have been attending this same church faithfully for the last 25 years or so, and he is an elder and assistant speaker when needed. She is a Sunday school teacher and choir director and also oversees many women's socials throughout the year. Both highly active in all social activities planed by the church. All eyes are on the couple to see how nice they look this Sunday, he in one of his many designer suits, looks like a Valentino today. And she with just made hair, in her dress that obviously did not come from J.C. Penny, with her little Gucci bag on her arm. Both carrying matching genuine leather Scofield bibles. Such a blessed couple, such fine Christians, solid in their faith and obviously devoted to each other. They most certainly are "Mature Christians" ripe in their convictions and personal appearance.

They quickly pass the young man in the faded jeans with the tattoos and long mustache, nodding politely. She goes about her business of directing the choir and he takes his assigned seat as a high member of the church.
The service proceeds, its rather lengthy today with extra special music from the choir and a guest speaker and singers. There will be many announcements later of the upcoming social events.

Brother Tom sits leaning in apparent rapt attention to the words of the new guest speaker as he preaches of the repercussions and sins of adultery. His mind wanders and his eyes go directly to the back row, he knew just where to look. She always sat on the back row, when she came, she didn't have the "Church clothes" as she called them to be sitting too far up. She was striking, beautiful, soft and loving, she had loved him just last night. His hand moved to his silk tie as if to reminisce the feel of her skin.
Their eyes meet in a secret knowing, she didn’t attend church, just came when she could, to see him. She made him weak.

Sister Mary, waved her arms in perfect unison as she directed the choir in some of their most beautiful presentations ever, shifting another breath mint in her mouth she hoped had concealed the quick drink she had just before they left. Things weren't right and she knew it. Keeping up was hard and she was weak.

The young man in the faded clothes and biker belt, sits in awe of his surroundings and listens with an open heart and keen ear to learn more of what he has come to church for, to learn, to gain more knowledge of the Lord and of his word. He thumbs his ratty little paper back Bible. He has to run though soon as the service is over, no time to wait around to hear about the church social later that week or the fund raiser dance for the new library addition. He is meeting his buddies and he will have lots to talk about, that new speaker was full of new spirit and had him anxious to pass on his new knowledge.

The plate is passed and the young man in faded clothes, pulls a fiver from his chained on biker wallet and puts it in the plate. Brother Tom writes a check. The pretty lady in the back row has slipped away.

Too many people are using the Lord and his Church for a social status and place of entertainment with little interest of what they are there for in the first place. A Christian can not and should not be defined by how he dresses or his level or education, but his love of God and eagerness to continue to grow in His Spirit and not to a certain level of status within a church. Too many so called "Mature Christians" are hypocritical and judgmental of others, while leading secret sinful lives of their own. I have know many such persons in my life. Christian means Christ Like, and that means in all aspects, and if you don't qualify for that Title then you should not claim it.

When Jesus walked the earth, he walked in long flowing robes typical of the times, which dragged the ground and would have been quite dirty. And more than likely he was a dirty person, in those days people did not have the personal hygiene products we have today. He is described as being nappy headed and with facial hair. He was not a trend setter or fashion guru. He did not have certain designer outfits that he wore to spread his word. He was an outcast and loner except for his few dedicated followers. He kept company with the lower class, and mingled with the poor and infirm and had women of ill repute in his following. So who knows when he comes again he might ride in on a Harley Hog, looking like that young man in your church with the faded clothes and tattoos.

Written by Paula Scola
© Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved


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