Love is a Rose
That blooms in the garden of the heart.
Precious and prized,
It comes in infinite varieties;
Yet each new love is fresh and unique.
There has never been
Nor ever will be a love just like it.

Love is rooted in caring,
Nourished by sharing and warmed by kindness
From the promise of a budding love,
To the glory of full blown love.
Every unfolding moment of love
Has a beauty all its own.

Love takes tending.
It may need weeding or pruning
To grow stronger.
Love can hold pain, too,
With thorns of misunderstanding or absence;
But still, with careful nurturing,
Love can find its way over
And around or through all obstacles.

Love transforms the heart, holding love;
For however long or brief a time,
Calls forth what is deepest,
Truest and best in the heart.
Every heart touched by love is reborn,
Filled with the miracle of new life.
Love blooms forever in springtime hearts.

~ Author Unknown ~


All rights reserved "Simply Angel' 2003