I Wanna Be A Country Music Singer When I Grow Up

I get my Daddy's guitar down most every day
And look at all them papers with the song words
They tell you just where to pick and play
So the music will come out right, but I can't read

I know the words in my ears, I hear them every day
My faverts over and over and over on the radio
My pickin sounds just fine to me too the way I play
Puppy seems to think so too, he joins right in

I love country music bestest and can sing really loud
Just like Allen and George and Merle and Willie
When they stand on stage and face that big crowd
I could be in their band too if they could just hear me

I think it's really cool how they all live on a bus
It's probably pretty messy in there like my room
Just the way we guys like it but no Mom's to fuss
I bet they get to stop at Quick Trip to go potty

I guess I'll keep on practacin' till I get scovered
I'll write some songs too when I get in kidagarden
And I'll need a big black hat to keep my head covered
Cause' I wanna be a country music singer when I grow up

An Angel Original
Paula Scola
© Copyright 2004


midi playing is
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Angel Note: I never write a poem for a background, I always find the background for a poem. But I could not help myself with this one.

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