It's You that has brought the brightness to blinded eyes
That could not see the beauty of the morning sun's peer
As it lays its golden beams across a world in color
That was dimmed by too many tears.

It's You that has brought the kindness to a spirit buried
Inside the bleakness of self pity and doubt
Knowing nothing more than ridicule and cruelty
Digging deeper to hide it all, never wanting out.

It's You that has brought the love to a heart that's broken
Elusive to feelings, distant and cold
Uncaring and leery, filled with distrust
From the promises broken and lies it's been told.

It's You that has brought the will to a mind gone blank
Muddied with confusion in words of anger and spite
Emptied of good thoughts, lost to the bad times
Endless blackness when nothing seems right.

It's You that has brought the life to an empty pod of a soul
Fallen by the wayside in a world of darkness and gloom
Saved at last by the simple act of friendship true
You picked me up and gave me hope, and a reason to bloom.

An Angel Original
© Copyright 2003 Paula Scola
All Rights Reserved



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