"Light Of Life"


In the darkness, even though I had always been around You, aware of your presence, I never really looked at You.

Passing You by with blind indifference, never minding, never caring, maybe a little apprehensive, maybe a little afraid of You. But then of course You knew.

What was it You did, was it a certain touch, a re-assuring smile, a kinder word, did You try just a little harder to make me turn my head?

I'm not sure as to when or how, but as You coaxed me, I realized a brightness, and in the light, and with clearer eyes, I saw You as if for the first time.

And as I gazed at You, suddenly aware of your beauty, I, surprised at myself, shocked and shaken, was awakened, with a hunger for more.

And so as with anything I have a wonderment of, I reached for You, to touch and feel this newness.

You welcomed me, and exploring, child-like, I reveled in your difference.

For a moment I felt a closeness and a safeness with You, unknown before to me.

Did I take delight in You a little too much and make You weary, or was it my own human weakness's, or was it some jealous onlookers angry words of hate, that caused You to recoil and turn away from me?

Now I feel You passing me by, indifferent, a little apprehensive, perhaps a little afraid of me.

And its getting dark.

An Angel Orginal
© Copyright 2003 Paula Scola

All Rights Reserved

For my long ago special friend lost to the evils of prejudice

Help Me Make It Through The Night-Midi