I Knew A Man

Years from now
When I look back on a long life spent,
I can say I knew a man,
Who shook the world beneath my feet.
A man whose look could cause distraction.
Whose voice could melt me away,
With every thought and motion,
In anything he'd say.
I can say I knew a man,
Who's kiss dismissed conscious thought,
That made my heart feel lighter,
As if it were some magical drought.
A man whose soul and spirit,
Were both beyond compare,
To say nothing of his heart,
Which I had the luck, to briefly share.
A man whose touch and way,
Lent to some mystical grace,
As I felt each time,
I touched his gentle face.
Years from now, when I am looking back,
I can say once there was a man,
And I gave him my heart,
A man who does not know he still owns it,
Even though we're apart.


All rights reserved "Simply Angel' 2003