If I'd Have Known

If I'd have known when first within me you grew,
the two choice's that were only mine to make.
Would I have taken the pains upcoming giving you life and love,
and not to let you go easy and forget you for vanity's sake.

If I'd have known when first I held you that
my life as I had known was over and would start anew.
Would I have embraced this responsibility bestowed upon me,
to live my life for only one true reason, you.

If I'd have known the hardships that would come,
from bringing life into a world quick of judgment and bias.
Would I have struggled lone and hard the way I did,
when I could simply have rid my self of all of this.

If I'd have known what I had to give to you was not enough,
my way not quite right, not by the book, only the best I knew.
Would I have bothered to try and make things better,
sacrificing my own life's happiness to provide a better way for you.

If I'd have known the resentments you would harbor,
good times forgotten, professing all, now that you are grown.
Would I have still stood steadfast, swaying not in my dedication,
determined you not find out the hard way on your own.

If I'd have known my impending failure, to be cast aside,
outdone by your longings in your quest for perfection.
Would I have given you my heart from the very beginning,
to share with pride or shatter with your rejection.

If I'd have known the pain of your words upon my heart,
and the sting of tears as I would watch you pull away.
Would I have done these things with even more love and conviction,
Yes my child, a million lifetimes over and then again today.

An Angel Original
© Copyright 2004 Paula Scola

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