Quite a pair we make the two of us,
Day light spent sitting on some muddy bank.
Bobbers bobbing as the darkness snatches,
Still we're waiting, patient, our faces blank.

We fed that river all our bait,
We know we did it right.
One after another, changing strategies,
Still to get not a single lucky bite.

Not to be out done by fish or falling night,
We'll use our dinner scraps for bait.
We light a fire to give us light,
Lay back and begin our night long wait.

If there's a fish in this vicinity,
He has snubbed his nose at our only,
Conventional casts of worms and minnows.
Maybe his taste is for hotdogs and baloney.

Daylight's breaking shows an empty stringer,
Empty hooks and empty tummys.
What a pair the two of us, real fishing buddies,
We bait up again with our stash of Gummies.

We'll stay just a bit longer, then we must be going.
Be back later, but first one more try with these.
Then on the way to the fish bait store,
We'll stop for lunch at Captain D's.

An Angel Original
© Copyright 2003 Paula Scola
All Rights Reserved


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