Faded Roses

She pulls her frayed little knitted shawl around stooping shoulders
Still soft to the touch but showing the years it has been worn
Like the hands that had made it long before the effects of life's hard toils
Left them useless to create the beauty she took such pride to adorn
Don't pity her she can still feel the softness

She steps slowly out to the place she had set aside in her yard way back then
To plant the roses she adored, her favorite, the color of wine
She couldn't tend them now, just left to chance what would come back again
She bends to get a closer look, they were coming back more faded each time
Don't worry about her she can still smell their sweetness

She raises up to the laughter of little girls as they skip up the sidewalk of her street
They don't see her when she does a little skipping of her own down
The memory lane that takes her back to the time when she could stand on steady feet
She taps one foot to the music she hears inside her head and does a little twirl around
Don't think she's crazy she can still dance

She stands and watches after the young couple passing hand in hand
Oblivious to the world as they steal a kiss, their eyes gleaming their new found love
She closes her eyes and tilts back her head and feels the slightest breeze
Upon her lips and knows it's her love who's gone now blowing kisses from up above
Don't laugh at her she can still dream

She knows it's time to go back inside again the day is closing
Placing her beloved shawl inside her bureau she catches the same sight
She sees each time in passing, her own reflection in its mirror
Her hands touch the face she sees there now in the fading light
Don't hate her she can still be beautiful

An Angel Original
© Copyright 2003 Paula Scola
All Rights Reserved


The Rose - Midi