Dear Little Angel,

I just need to tell you, I did not know you wanted to be here now, and that you had come to be with me.

You know I had wished for you to be here for a long time. They did not care, they did not want you to come here yet. They were not ready. How could they not be ready for you? They did not tell me you had been here, until long after they had sent you back, back where Little Angels live. They knew if they had told me you were here, I would have fought with all my might, with my very soul, I would have begged to let you stay. I would have taken you and loved you as my own. You would have been glad you had come here.

When they told me they had sent you back, I wept, I cried for You. Even if other Little Angels come, I will never have You. Never be able to kiss the stars that are only in your eyes, reshape the bent little halo that fits only on your head, and rub the tired little wings that try to take you where you should not be.

So my Little Angel. heart of my heart, child of my child, be happy where you are, and know that you were wanted and loved, but it just was not up to me.

Love Grandma,



An Angel Original
© Copyright 2003 Paula Scola
All Rights Reserved
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