Before I Knew You  

You figure since you know me
You think that you must owe me

To put your two cents in
A little friendly advise now and then

To help a friend who's woes you detect
Just your opinion, meaning no disrespect

Your here to help that what ail's me
My life's choices you strongly disagree

What I should or could have done better
A plan now mapped out to the letter

To steer me in the right direction
Aim me straight to your ideal perfection

The wrong way turned around
Will stand me proud on solid ground

Your on a mission, out to change me
Compelled and self propelled to save me

Just look at you the fine example
Of all that's gone so well

Qualified to teach
Counsel and to preach

Heed up and listen to your expert advise
Will spare me grief and spare me strife

If I don't how will I manage, how will I cope
A future bleak, certain without hope

Never mind the fact that I am grown
Wild oats and seeds already sewn

A little wild a little crazy, I've been known
But certainly sane with a mind of my own

I felt life's music pulsing as I danced it
Free and easy just like my spirit

There ain't no changing of me or the past
Watch out rest of my life, I'm on full blast

I've lived my life by my own book
Now ease up and let me off your righteous hook

Too late to scold or to mold me
How you would like to see me be

Just tell me what did I do
Before I knew you

An Angel Original

©Copyright Paula Scola 2005



All rights reserved "Simply Angel" 2003-2005