Angel Note: October 3, 2006

Folks for those who still do not realize it, a direct link to any of my Music/Lyrics pages so that it will play on your site when clicked on is indeed hot linking and bandwidth theft, the same as hot linking to any of my individual wav files on the midi/wav pages so they play from your pages or websites. This is simply because the music pages contain my embedded wav files stored on my Host Server which is bought and paid for by me.. A simple text link to my home page or any of the non musical pages is fine and a compliment to me.

On occasion I have given permission to certain websites to do so. but upon having to change the directories or added the "busted graphic" to certain pages to deter the theft, that leaves the innocent party with a messed up page or missing page. Therefore I really can't give permission to hotlink to any of my Music/Lyrics pages anymore.

That’s why I created the Hall Of Shame to list the ones caught doing so. Hot linking is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly. Some sites with limited bandwidth really suffer from all of this, even shutting down hourly. I do have a huge site, with huge bandwidth but none the less it is not free !!!!! All efforts are appreciated to help control this. Not only for my site but for all my fellow webmasters and webmistress's that have to put up with all this. Legalities are so long and complicated it's just much easier to shake a finger at and shame those doing it.

Thanking you all,
Paula "Simply Angel"

E-mails from my second irate visitor who wants to contradict me on this matter and does not even have a website or a clue. I swear, only 2 out of thousands of visitors. Spoiled my whole day. LOL