To those who helped me learn and grow as I built this site.

We are each of us, Angels with one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another
~Lucian de-Creszenzo


It's on your love, that helps me fly.

It's on your strength, that keeps me high.

It's on your trust, that sends me farther.

It's on your faith, that I can soar forever.

Thank you for being My Angels.

An Angel Original-2003



About me? I was born in Paragould Ark. 12-23- l947, but have been in the St. Louis area since the age of 5. After a 15 year stay in Lake Ozark, Mo., I make my home now in St. Charles, Mo. Enjoy some area photos in the Home Grown Photos section. Having divorced in 2004 ending a 30 year marriage and after a failed business attempt and long struggle, I work now for a large retail club here in St. Charles part time. A potpourri I am, but I hold dearest in my heart my Indian heritage. I have a tribute page to the Cherokee Nation "Tsalagi" within my site as well.

I have discovered in the last few years that I can write a bit of poetry. I never wrote a poem in my life before I got my first computer in 2002. I had written a few, what I call "letters" just my thoughts to people or situations. I don't claim to be a poetess or writer, even now, just a wanna be and am humbled by those who have had a lifetime of being able to create and share with the world their imagination put into pretty words. And with my late start I can only hope that I can continue to write a few more now and then. I always sign my poems, "An Angel Original." I had signed my first one like that in fun after having been lovingly dubbed "Angel" by someone special so I just continued in fun to do that and will continue to do so. I wanted a place to post them and share them thus the name "Simply Angel" became the name of my site when I put it up in 2003.

I have included some of my work in My Poetry Pages. Some were inspired by events in my life. Some by events in other's lives. And some for no reason at all, but all with my own reflections, simply written, simply stated. I will not post all I have written as some are too personal and were meant to be seen by only those for whom they were written and that was audience enough for me.

As you go through this little site you will see my passion for Bears. I have over a hundred. They don't eat much they're stuffed already! Most are Boyd's Bears plush, my favorites. They live with me here in my computer room and keep me company as I work on my computer.

You will meet my ornery cat T.C. that's short for Trailer Cat. Mommy's Baby. Only cat I ever knew whose favorite food is watermelon. You will see pictures of my precious Grandson Nathan, in his own little grow site "Nathan". He is 4 as of this update.

I love music but mostly Country oldies music. Visit my midi/wav pages and my Music/Lyrics pages. They are filled with some awesome oldies. Beautiful graphics as well. Nothing is to be hotlinked to from my site! They are free for correct downloading with the exception of the embedded files on the Music/Lyrics pages. All hotlinkers will be caught and their sites listed in the Hall Of Shame Page.

I have spent many hours searching and collecting the backgrounds and graphics for these pages, another thing I love to do. I am a graphics nut, especially the animated ones . Every thing I used came from free linkware sites around the net and are linked as requested if applicable. No graphics are to be taken or linked to directly from my site, but from the websites offering them. As of this updated About Me page some are in fact no longer in business, so they are not to be used again at all.

Different things will be added as my site grows. Although this site was created in fun and love, I will be adding links of some important serious women's issues through out as we go. This site was not meant to be entirely devoted to spousal abuse but it has been a part of my life and I have dedicated a section to provide some important links for help for those that need it. Here you will find a short, My Own Story, click the SITE INDEX button below, then click SURVIVE.

Just A Few Personal Facts:
Likes: All the Purples, my Grandson, my T.C. Kitty, my computer, my site visitors, black coffee, ice tea, diet Coke, 7 up, cranberry juice cocktail on ice, fried chicken wings, pizza, BBQ ribs, Chinese, cake, Fritos, chocolatecaramel Reisens, babies, kitties, road trips, trains, Grand Cherokee Jeeps, tall men, smiling happy people, hugs, hard crosswords, fishing, honesty, serenity, openness, loyalty, stuffed bears, my comfy summer shoes, Wal-Mart, Flea Markets, White gold, diamonds, lazy days, Roses, flowers of all kinds, most animals, dreams, secrets, trysts, good music, lacy things, laughing, naughty, acting a little bit of crazy, good conversation, flirting, flirts, teasing, teasers, good reading, Santa, Sunshine, The National Enquirer, Oprah, Love, being in Love..............................

Dislikes: Evil, liars, backstabbers, know it alls, bad attitudes, pain, heartaches, missing someone, bugs, spiders, snow/ice on my car, sea food, most perfumes, smelly people, stinky feet, copycats, kids having to be sick, things I can't get open, bills and the people who send them, junk mail, bad hair days, people with no sense of humor, nosy people, braggarts, squirrels in my plants, mowing my grass, dishes in my sink, the color orange, prudes, disrespect of any kind, tacky bling bling, socks, moral judgment, religious fanatics, people who talk on cell phones in public to nobody, people who tie up the express line with a cart full of stuff and kids and a check book, big huge beer bellies, Pearls, drunks, Dentists, Krispy Kreme donuts, being cold, too hot, dirty, lumpy beds, slow drivers, red lights, road hogs, bed hogs, ugly grey days, no one to share a great secret with, ...................................................................

And that folks is just a little about me.

Well go on now look around and see what you think.
Leave a note in my Guestbook. I would love to hear from you.


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